playing with numbers

In my fifth grade class, the teacher kept long rectangular planters of white Shasta Daisies on the tops of the ‘L’ shaped book cases that created the reading area.  On occasional Fridays we would be able to play a game if our work was completed.  I always likes to play the math games.  Math was easier then.

~detail: Forgive Me For Believing I'm Immune

~detail: Forgive Me For Believing I'm Immune

I’d be on a roll.  Adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing my way into the lead.  Matching the triangular pieces to total a requesite sum.  Add, subtract, multiply, divide.  Faster. 

Without thinking ahead, I’d quickly configure the numbers in my head and lay down my piece.  Only to be left with a piece or two that never matched the total.

Math was easier then.