on top of the world

There’s a picture of me sitting on the top of a huge boulder at Hueco Tanks state park in Texas.  The ‘tanks’ are a natural outcropping of rocks that act as a water basin.  The basin is created by giant pock marked boulders that store rain water.  We use to play on the rocks a couple times each summer.

In the picture, I’m about three or four years old.  Squinting into the sun, wearing blue Keds, I look like I’m on top of the world.  I have it all together…nothing can stop me!

I’ve relived that feeling, occasionally, even this far from three years old.  Then, the realization that I am no more in control than I am the man in the moon soon follows.  That’s how it should be anyway.  ‘Control’ or ‘in control’ is too much a burden.  I tire at the thought.

~detail: Prayer Chain

~detail: Prayer Chain

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  1. I think I’ve seen that picture of you! I love the website!! KKL

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