Sometimes it starts with a word…one word…or a song, a phrase, a situation, an ironic turn or twisted wit.  Regardless, that seed of an idea seems to rattle around in my head for weeks; prompting sketches, searches for tangible parallels and prayer for inspiration.

notes for "Blind Enough to See".

~notes for Blind Enough to See.

Once inspired, models are acquired – usually the closest kid – and photos are taken.  A drawing is made to scale from the digital images.  This drawing becomes the pattern for the tiles and a guide for slip and glaze applications.  I enjoy developed, overlapping, often complex surfaces.  Yet, I try to achieve those results with the fewest possible firings.  The surface development requires that the surface information be resolved before the day arrives to glaze the work.  I take photos of the drawings made for the pattern. making several copies to cut apart; giving me an opportunity to play with color and layout.

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