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In my neighborhood, there’s a house where the Disney princesses live. Not figuratively speaking. I’ve seen them. I saw Princess Aurora in the front yard (full disclosure: had to Google. not really up on my princesses. as if…) Cinderella was seen driving an SUV (full of all things princess-y, no doubt) And then, I witnessed Belle and Elsa walking into the house. A house in my neighborhood.

My first thought was, how disappointing to learn that the princesses don’t live at The Happiest Place on Earth! Nope. They live a a stucco tract home in Gilbert, Arizona. That rubs a whole lot of the magic away (the SUV was a real kick in the teeth)

Seems this princess fairy tale is more fable than previously considered. That pinkish frame and stucco, 4 bedroom, 2 and a half bath is quite a step back from the castle scenario with stables, servants and a Prince Charming to boot. Disappointing.

It’s like the deflating excitement you feel when opening the kiln and not seeing what you intended. Instead of the energy you were going for, there’s an ugly step-sister. Disappointing.

True to first impressions, you might need more time. Another introduction. Consider that your intent might have been closer to fairy tale than reality in terms of ability and execution (and then there’s the whole ‘set it on fire’ thing) With time, one might begin to see the ugly step sister more as a quiet wallflower (perspective) Quiet is it’s own dynamic. It’s rather exciting.

After several weeks of princess spotting, I’m struck by how cool it would be to be of influential-princess-age and discover a house full of Disney princesses. The house down the street! The fairy tale becomes your street, your neighborhood. The Magic Kingdom includes a 2,125 square foot tract home with a 3 car garage in Gilbert, Arizona. Exciting!

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