July 2014

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It’s monsoon season. (so much for that dry heat) I’m convinced monsoon is short for: ‘a lot of heat jockeying for air space with just enough precipitation spit from the heavens to disturb the fine layer of dust deposited on the car from the haboob-we-use-to-call-dust-storms that blew through half an hour earlier’.



A couple nights ago I was awakened by our frantic dog shaking and panting from the thunder and lightning. I’m not sure what she thinks is going on, but she wants no part of it. I’ve learned that if she can see a light on in an adjacent room, she isn’t as neurotic about the lightning. (the thunder is a whole other anxiety issue)

After she was calmed a bit, I stumbled into bed. My efforts to settle back to sleep are fruitless. My brain begins working on design solutions for a cream and sugar service for the dinnerware commission I’m working on. (ugh…this was going to keep me awake)

As an undergraduate, I created a lot of dinnerware. The sale of individual place settings and related service pieces became a much needed (though, not regular) source of income. When designing dinnerware as a set, I try to create pieces that always or nearly always repeat in color, form or function and a few pieces that deviate from the repetition enough to provide a related variation in visual rhythm. The service pieces are the perfect catalyst for that purpose.

So, that cream and sugar service that keeps me from sleep…

This dinnerware set has both open and closed forms. I figure I can pull those together with the service set. The sugar will be a closed form similar to the bowls of each place setting; while the creamer will be an open form that relates to the mugs.

Now, back to sleep!

But…no. There are lids, spouts and handles to consider. (honestly, this is really going to screw up my disposition in the morning) Somewhere between the thunder-troubled dog, my brain overrun, and the annoying illumination from the bathroom light, I fell asleep. By morning I’ve got the cream and sugar sevice design worked out – complete with a saucer for the creamer. (a gift from that last REM cycle)


In the next few days, I’ll need to spend time in my sketchbook to work through the details. Then, on to the ‘weights and measures’ of the design – meaning, I’ll work out structure, proportion, and functionality in clay. I will end up with several sets; all variations on my sleep deprived inspiration and all related to the place settings.

I have a lot of work ahead of me. The bisqueware is really starting to pile up.

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