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the list

~detail: Rough Draft #3

~detail: Rough Draft #3

First, I want to thank all of you wonderful folks that made it out to the 13th Annual Self-Guided Studio Tour a couple weeks ago. We had a great weekend. There was so much buzz in the studio during the tour and I didn’t get a single photo. I swear, every year I take my camera for the express purpose of getting pictures of the tour-goers, artist demonstrations and just to document the fun. But alas, I get caught up in the energy of the event and never get to the photographing. Perhaps I should find a trigger happy friend for that task next time.

So then, since the tour I’ve turned my attention to the ever present to-do list. The past couple weeks have been rather productive as I’ve been able to cross off several smaller projects and work on a little production streamlining in the background.


As I work my way further down the list, my productive days bring me closer to a table ware commission; 16 four piece place settings. It’s second to last (well…now dead last) on my list. I skipped over it to complete a smaller request because…because…um, I had a shortened work week…or, the clay was too wet…maybe too stiff…and it was a bad hair day? For the most part, I just need to work up a little mental wherewithal to attack this project. I haven’t done a large table ware commission for a long while. Been spending my days drawing mostly. (in addition to the cumulative hours lost while searching for misplaced needle tools – why is it they wonder off so?)

~detail: Alternate Endings

~detail: Alternate Endings

I was quite fortunate during my undergraduate studies to be taught the design principles and skills necessary to create durable, beautiful and unique functional pieces for the table. (Thank you, John!) I’ll be diligent to document my progress. (you know…actually using my camera) I do love dinnerware!

Before I get started, I’m out the door on a little road trip to the Tubac Center of the Arts in Tubac, Arizona; delivering the piece, Alternate Endings, for the national juried exhibition, From the Earth. The show opens March 14th and runs through April 20th. If you find yourself in the area, do stop by the show.

Tomorrow I’m back to the list. (in spite of the bad hair)



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