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tis the season!

The Byrds

The Byrds

In 1965, The Byrds had a #1 hit song, Turn, Turn, Turn (to Everything There is a Season). When I was little, this song was all about spinning around in circles until everything was moving so fast, I couldn’t keep up. Falling. Laughter. That memory reminds me of the song Dizzy, by Tommy Roe, 1969. Another fun tune for a kid…but, I digress.

My original stream of thought was that everything has a season. We could have a deep, spiritual dialog about this topic – so elegantly addressed by Solomon (it’s a great read!). But, that’s not really where my head is this chilly winter day. I’m thinking more along the lines of…well…see, I’m puzzled by the abundance of berries (blue, black, straw, etc.) in the grocery store. They aren’t really in season this time of year. I guess they could have hot houses to grow them. Something tells me hot house berries wouldn’t be so cheap.

I suppose they are imported from regions proximate to exotic vacation spots where it is currently summer. Geeze, that could be a long, long trip in a big dark boat for, what I imagine, are rock hard pellet-like berries making good use of their travels to mature. That sounds a little salacious. Do you know where your berries have been?

Eh, yeah. So Solomon’s words aren’t quite specific to berries – blue or otherwise. However, his gifted wisdom reminds us that everything has a season.

Unlike summer produce, this is the busy ceramics season. Yes, indeed. Ceramics has a season (this might vary regionally – likeĀ cantaloupesĀ and corn).


Myself and many other ceramic artists are very busy preparing for the 12th Annual Ceramics Self-Guided Studio Tour. This year’s tour includes 54 artists in 14 studios throughout the valley. My studio is #13 on the tour. I’ll be hosting Tom Budzak, Ann Orlando, and Diane Watkins. Pencil in the tour dates and plan to attend, February 23 and 24. (I think that’s Girl Scout cookie season!)

In conjunction with the tour, there will be two exhibitions of participating artists’ work.

Night Gallery, Tempe Marketplace
Feb. 1-24
Opening Reception, Friday, Feb. 1, 6-9pm

Art One Gallery, North Marshall Way in Scottsdale
Feb. 17-23

Sometime in the midst of cranberry season, I was contacted by Phoenix Home and Garden magazine for an article about my work (quite a surprise and much fun). The article, Story Teller, appears in the February 2013 issue. You can read it here.

Phoenix Home and Garden Magazinephoto credit: Garrett Cook

Phoenix Home and Garden Magazine
photo credit: Garrett Cook

As we approach the highlight of college basketball season, my work will be included in the exhibition, Ceramica Atomica at the Chandler Center for the Arts, March 15-April 20. The opening reception is March 15, 6-9pm.

Well, that should probably round out a dizzying social/cultural calendar for the next month or two. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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