October 2011

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I hear tuna!

Faster than a fat cat at the sound of a can opener, the first Cap, Cup and Mug Sale, Show and Trade came and went.

The days and weeks preparing and gathering for the sale generated a certain energy.  Unpacking boxes of beautiful cups and mugs is very much like the anticipation a potter experiences when the kiln is finally cool enough to open after a glaze firing.  Or…in more practical terms…it’s like discovering significant money forgotten in the pocket of your jeans.

Everything about this sale was intimidating (I documented my fear here) and unexpected.  When I first threw out the idea, I was afraid I couldn’t get enough work together to create a sale.  Instead, 34 artists participated with 623 cups and mugs.  (Thank You!)

Then, the panicked thoughts…what if no one shows up?  But, Friday’s crowd was unbelievable.  WOW!  So many people came to check out the sale, buy mugs, chat and contribute to our sock and knit cap collection for a local homeless shelter.

Saturday was more relaxed, but had steady traffic.  Again, unexpected.  The budget for promoting the sale amounted to the cost for a short-run of postcards.  I really depended on artists and friends to spread the word.  Free paid for space in several events listings in the on-line versions of the local papers (does anybody read those?) and a couple community magazines…that, and Facebook.

Our collective efforts yielded 25 knit caps (not an easy find in Arizona in the fall) and 185 pairs of socks. (pause here for a quick happy dance!)

The Monday following the sale, I spent checking inventory against unsold work; spending time meditatively wrapping and packing up mugs and cups.

As artists have come by the studio to collect their work, they’ve asked if I plan to do this again.  You know…yes, I think I will.  But today, I need to get back to clay.  I’m out of mugs.  Go figure.

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