September 2011

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…let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.  Hebrews 12:1

Those words express my general approach to each day.  Though, there are times when I think I’ve shown up for the wrong race.

I use to be an athlete…now I just ache.  I was a gymnast and briefly (very brief) ran the 4×4  (4oo meter relay).  Track and field is a big deal where I grew up in the high elevation deserts of west Texas (with exception to Texas football, which is an entity unto itself).

However, my membership card for the track team was short lived.  Made the team, but the track season conflicted with gymnastic competitions.  Truth is, I wasn’t very versatile on the oval.  I could run my forth of the 4x, but that was about it.  Done.  I remember my hesitation when coach Reed suggested hurdles.  Gymnasts may have great coordination and flexibility, but we are generally short.  Wrong race.

Lately I’ve been running hurdles; get up a good head of steam just to be interrupted so I can launch myself over an obstacle.  It’s nerve wrecking.  Running full out toward the hurdle: playing chicken.  Not pretty.

With generous momentum I approach the first hurdle; catching it with the heal of my lead foot.

Despite my best efforts, the soaring Arizona heat got to my clay before I did.  A week’s worth of work destine for the reclaim bucket.

The second hurdle is but three steps away.  Stumble over.

The glaze firing won’t reach temperature.  After hoping for more, I shut the kiln down.  Burned out element.

Looking for a quick recovery.  Clear the hurdle, but trailing behind.

Replace the element.  Reload.  Re-fire.  My clear glaze doesn’t really like to be re-fired.  Praying I don’t lose the entire kiln load.

The color was a bit off, but the glaze behaved.

A few more hurdles ahead.  My…knee…tags…every…single…one.  That’s gonna leave a mark.  My timing must be off.  Count.  Three steps.

As the artists’ deadline approaches for the cup and mug sale, my calendar is suddenly congested with personal appointments of some urgency.

The finish is in sight.  Just run now.  Run!

With a slushy delivery deadline and a week until the sale, my days have been punctuated by the most beautiful handmade cups and mugs.  Not a bad finish.

Cap, Cup and Mug Sale, Show and Trade

Looking forward to seeing you!!

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